Suckow_Custom Greenbrier Wisconsin Package

Suckow_Custom Greenbrier Wisconsin Package


This custom link is to allow Mark Suckow to add one additional person to package #14749 for the 2024 Greenbrier Tip-Off.  New package details are as follows:

Hotel: Greenbrier Resort
Check-In Date: November 21, 2024
Check-Out Date: November 25, 2024
Number of Nights: 4 Nights
Room Type: Traditional
People: 2 Adults (was previously 1 adult)
Team: Wisconsin
Game Tickets: Midcourt Seat Upgrade
Slot Play & Drink Vouchers: Yes, 2 Adults

Guest Email: msuckow@hotmail.com

Cost for 1 Additional Adult: $555.00

This package is no longer available. Please reach out to support@greenbriertipoff.com with any questions or concerns.